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Have you ever wanted to know the truth about Russian-Ukrainian women? You have seen the photos, the advertisements. Is it real? Is it a scam? Are they really as beautiful as the photos? Why do they want foreign men? This, my story, does have answers! Seeing is believing! Weather you just want a unique, fun romantic vacation or perhaps, you are tired of the local options and online dating sites. Check out your opportunity in the Ukraine.... Your can register and search on most Ukrainian web sites for free. It's fun, new and you will see the most beautiful women in the world! To solve the mystery and learn about this opportunity... keep reading!! See if this adventure is for you.

We offer 4 seperate packages for those looking for a vacation, or those looking for love.

Option 1: Vacation and Dating

  • Beautiful women in a beach town
  • Affordable fun in a former Soviet Union country
  • Visit an area rich in history, culture and tradition
  • Go to dinner, go to the beach, go to museums, go to discos, go to opera, the Russian circus, all with beautiful women interested in meeting foreign men

Let the adventure of this amazing beach town and the legendary Ukrainian dating agencies be yours for a fun and unique vacation.

For those looking for a vacation we offer:

  • Daily excursions
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • A commitment to affordability
  • Connecting, counseling, and assisting with dating agencies and women in the Ukraine
  • Fun
  • Something different
  • A perfect option for a single man who wants a vacation and also to share this time with someone

Option 2: Romance and Love

  • Their beauty is legendary
  • 60% female over population
  • It is common for Ukrainian women to marry 10-15 years younger
  • Unlike US women they come with less baggage, i.e., blended families and irritating ex-husbands
  • US/Ukrainian marriages have an 80% success rate
  • Ukrainian women are more traditional, more satisfied as faithful wives and mothers
  • Ukrainian woman are typically highly educated
  • She is not looking for riches but security, faithfulness and love

For those looking for looking for love

  • The Ukrainian culture promotes beauty and fitness in their woman from childhood to adulthood. You seldom see an out of shape Ukrainian woman
  • Ukrainian men statistically have a reputation for being neglectful, abusive, or unfaithfulness in their relationships, along with a high rate for alcoholism
  • Ukrainian women see men from the West as better husbands and fathers

This is what we offer:

  • We are the only company committed to representing the visiting manís interests
  • With our expertise and background we offer cost savings
  • We offer the opportunity to gain love and romance without losing a lot of funds from your wallet
  • On 1 dating site alone there are 16,000 women. We will train, teach, and guide you through this sometimes tricky yet worthwhile adventure
  • As an American-based company, let us help you with the travel details, reliable excursions, trusted interpreters
  • The advantage in our experience is we are committed to helping and protecting you whether you want fun, adventure, dating or love
  • One thing is certain, the women are beautiful. Perhaps you have always wonder about the reality of all the beautiful, Russian Ukrainian women
  • Ask about our day trips too: Moldova, Nicolaev and Kherson.

Option 3: Ukraine tour for all.

  • Individuals or Families (non dating tour)

Option 4: VIP Individual Tours.

  • Let us personally design a tour for you.

Please review our site and consider our services, and see what the truth is for yourself.
Let us show you the truth about Ukraien Love, Fun & Sun.

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